The Chi Temple

The Chi Temple is an elegantly appointed, private BDSM studio graced by equally elegant Dominatrices.  What makes this superbly equipped dungeon so unique is the elevated embodiment of Female Domination held within its walls.  The Chi Temple is not a BDSM "house," but a luxury BDSM fantasy playspace and a place of gathering for powerful, like-minded, intelligent and beautiful independent Dommes who share a similar consciousness and professionalism but each possess their own unique styles and specialties.  These Women are, indeed, “Dommes with class...and in a class of their own.” 


These Powerful Women have come together in a collaborative intention to brand themselves as the Mistresses of the Chi Temple.  This idea came to Mistress Damiana (creator of the Chi Temple) one day as she felt immense gratitude to be surrounded by these amazing Dommes, and she realized that they are not only special individuals, but that they offer something truly special to the BDSM community.  Our approach to the Art of Female Domination is that which combines elements of authenticity, style and professionalism along with mystery, imagination and sadistic sensuality, in an environment which reflects the same.  

Discerning submissives, masochists, fetishists and bottoms who seek to lose themselves in a FemDomme experience that is second to none, look no further.  Give up your power in an environment that is enveloped by all things light and dark, beautiful and scary, safe and unknown…to the Mistresses of the Chi Temple.

Contact the Mistresses individually via the contact form on their individual bio pages via menu bar at the top of the page (3 red lines).

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