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Mistress Jezebel Chi

Mysterious. Alluring. Elegant. Authentic.

None of these words alone can hope to properly capture the sublime Persona of Mistress Jezebel Chi...and yet it would be impossible to attempt to describe Her without using each and every one of them. She is all of these things, and so very much more...


After several years away from the BDSM limelight, Mistress Jezebel is now returning to grace the FemDom scene with Her magnificent and compelling Presence.


She is not, however, intending to summon forth a high-volume flood of short-term players. Her time away these last few years has been spent cultivating more personal Mistress/slave relationships that are much deeper and much richer than that, and this approach has been profoundly fulfilling for Her. Some of Her favorite manifestations of D/s energy include role-play, psychodrama, transformation, feminization and eventually, actual Ownership – discovering and developing your mind, modifying and molding you over time to Her liking – these are the dynamics that have inspired Mistress Jezebel to reopen Her dungeon doors now to only the very finest of the submissive population.

Consider this, then, your rare opportunity to be evaluated by Mistress Jezebel as a potential new plaything who is hopefully worthy of Her ravishing Dominant energy and attention. 


What do you have to offer to Someone so expert and so experienced? How willing are you to be literally trained and transformed? Can you promise true worship and surrender? And perhaps most importantly, will Mistress Jezebel be able to learn and grow with you, even as you will surely learn and grow with Her...?


Mistress Jezebel's return to the Female Domination arena is cause for joy and jubilation: the greatest freedom you have ever known may come in the form of the chains in which She binds you....


If accepted into the rarefied ranks of Mistress Jezebel's chosen pets and playthings, you may even find yourself being shared for joint usage by Her with Her Beautiful Sister, Mistress Damiana Chi. Nothing can compare to the unparalleled Honor and sheer rush of serving and obeying Both of the Fabled Chi Sisters at the same time!



Twitter: @JezebelChi


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