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Mistress Inga Larsson

I am a 5’10”, 135 pound Scandinavian Mistress. I have lived and played in many of the world’s major cultural centers, including Paris, London and Hong Kong. I currently reside and session in Los Angeles. I have a Masters Degree, and I love to travel and engage in physical fitness.

I have been a Dominatrix for over 8 years, although my involvement in BDSM in my private life began much earlier. I’ve been lucky to have had several wonderful mentors, most notably, Mistress Simone Justice.

When I am not traveling in cities such as Chicago, Boston and NYC, I play at the Chi Temple in Los Angeles. My play style ranges from playful to deep psychodrama. While I enjoy a wide
range of activities, I excel in humiliation and corporal punishment.

My hair is long and blonde, my eyes blue, and I wear size 8.5 heels.

Kanske kan du underhålla mig?


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Twitter: @TheIngaLarsson


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