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Mistress Georgia Payne

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This Mistress loves to play games! If you enjoy a good old-fashioned mind fuck ~ Georgia Payne goes all the way! 

Ms. Payne enjoys heavy corporal punishment more than anything else. She is known for adoring the precision of the cane but other implements that please Her are the single tail, hairbrush, and Her rubber strap that She fondly calls the “oh shit.” She won’t put up with nonsense and will just as easily shove a bar of soap in your mouth and stick you in a corner as put you over Her knee. You get what you’ve got coming to you. She doesn’t enjoy giving light spankings nor does She like giving spankings for the sake of it. She likes to incorporate real life context into your punishment. Ms. Payne enjoys being the disciplinarian to someone who truly needs and deserves it.  And we both know that you need and deserve it… don’t we…?

Ms. Payne is also passionate about cross dressers and bondage sluts and can spend hours putting Her “damsels” in positions that they could never hope to escape. Oh, but She enjoys watching them try!  She’s been a dominatrix for 20 years now and continues to hold a stable of slaves. She knows what She wants out of a scene and goes after it. Ms. Payne savors the adrenaline rush and endorphins that She gets while playing. What does a potential slave need to know if interested in serving this red-haired vixen? Nothing short of being truly willing to give themselves over completely.


Personal websites:

FetLife: link

Twitter: @Georgia_Payne01


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