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Mistress Dida Fox

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Welcome to your newest addiction...Mistress Dida Fox.


This Canadian-born Mistress will lure you in like a black-widow - she will seduce you with her charm, her dazzling blue eyes, and vintage Hollywood glamour beauty. She will make your knees so weak you will have no choice but to be at her feet. Right where you know you belong. Wouldn’t you like to see what happens, once you are helplessly trapped in her web?


Recent graduate of Mistress Damiana’s Evolutionary Dominatrix™ Academy, Mistress Dida Fox is a former fitness model and competitive figure athlete. She stands at 5’8” barefoot, and well over 6’ in heels, with a 135lb build of lean muscle and delicious curves. With over 12 years in the fitness industry, Mistress Dida has made it her life’s pursuit to train both the minds and bodies of others, helping hundreds of people realize the beauty that lies just outside of their comfort zone and self-imposed limitations.

The psychology of BDSM is especially important to Mistress Dida, and she prides herself on her keen intuition and emotional intelligence. She understands that each sub is unique, as well as what drives them and is able to tune in to that. Her style is seductive and playful, but don’t let that fool you. She knows exactly what she wants out of a sub, and how to get it. And she always gets what she wants.


Some of her favorite activities include, but are not limited to: psychological domination, OTK spanking, corporal punishment and discipline, bondage, feminization, role-play, humiliation and degradation, sensation play, and foot/heel/boot/stocking worship (perfect, size 6.5 feet on this Goddess) - while also understanding that each of these things mean different things to different people. Should you be so lucky as to be welcomed into her web, you will wonder how you’ve gone on in this life without Her.


Mistress Dida Fox is a Resident Mistress of The Chi Temple in Los Angeles, and also offers sessions in San Diego, California.  Please indicate in your message which location you would like to request.



Personal website:
Instagram: @MistressDidaFox

Twitter: @Mistress_Dida


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