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Miss Butter

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I’m Miss Butter, pleased to meet you.  If you think the best wolves look like sheep, I’m the warm and alluring 5-foot-tall Mistress you’ve been dreaming of.  I’m curvy, soft, sweet, and wickedly creative. I am a certified life coach, designer of unique kink products, classically trained graduate and continuing participant, at the Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy.

 I have a deep love of submissives and have created thoughtful play with them for over 20 years.  When I pick one, I connect with them like they are the only sub in the world.  If you’re lucky enough to be selected, you will lose yourself in our scenes. I play from the heart and do what feels real and authentic. I will take my time learning what makes you tick and how to push your buttons.  I have the intelligence to uncover your desires, even the hidden ones, and I know exactly what to do with that precious information.  

Creating experiences unlike you have had before, making you feel secure enough to try things you’ve only imagined, and crafting time together that scratches all your itches, is what I hunger for. I take the responsibility of your trust very seriously. Always know that you are safe with me, no matter the type of play. 


My style of domination is unique.  I will wrap you in my words, my breath, my touch, and my hypnotic voice.  I will engage your senses so that you are consumed by me.  My play is intimate, and I will make you feel vulnerable, cared for, and seen.  Though I’m good natured, even silly and giggly at times, I’m also an expert in hurting, tormenting, teasing, denying, restraining, and toying with your emotions in all the right and very calculated ways. I’m diligent when it comes to learning your mind and body so that our play can evolve beyond perfection over time. Once you experience the combination of all that I am, you won’t even realize how thoroughly I’ve taken you under my control.  It’s a helpless fall into subspace.  


I am a seductress to the core, elated when you please me and very stimulated by our play together.  Everything I do with you makes my body tingle. It makes me coo and pant; it fulfills my every sadistic desire. You’ll know you’ve submitted to my satisfaction when my eyes blacken and my breathing becomes so deep and erotic that you can almost see the words “good boyyyy” floating from my lips. Legendary Dominatrix, Mistress Damiana has called this my “Mistress purr” and I know how hard you’ll work to hear that delicious sound. 



My biggest kink is being the architect of fantasies.  Figuring out the exact right level and way to do an activity with a specific partner is what does it for me. This list is some of what I’m into.  If you don’t know what a term means, it’s probably because I made it up.  To learn what I’m talking about and to get more details about the actives I love, visit my website. 


Imagine each item below tailored to fit us like a glove. 

• life work

• hypnodomination

• bondage and rope play

• sensory deprivation

• nipple torture

• cbt - most levels

• corporal punishment and discipline
• impact play
• electro-play - violet wand

• foot, stocking, high heel, shoe, sock, and boot worship

• smothering - over clothing, not lingerie

• chastity, key holding, tease, denial, instructed edging

• feminization, cross dressing, slut training, sissy & maid training

• imaginative psychodrama / role play / Domination adventures

• D/s art play

• sensation play

• tickle torture
• humiliation & degradation

• aftercare

• Top/bottom play

• newbie exploration




Look at my photos.  Study all the details I’ve let you see. Then take a moment and really imagine what it might be like to do the acts you desire, with ME. Take five deep breaths and with each breath picture something new; add in my voice saying the words you dream of hearing, my piercing eyes staring right through you to the core of your desires, my hand gripping you tightly and pushing you to the place you need to be, your heart racing as you wonder if you’ve pleased me, and imagine what it might feel like to be soothed after I’ve completely spent you.  If these thoughts radiated through your body, it’s time to send me your application.  “Submit” to me now.



Personal website:
Instagram: @super_sweet_butter

Fetlife: @sweetbutter

OnlyFans: @miss_butter

Application: Click Here


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